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$120 spent at CVS? No Way! Only $18. :)


So, it’s been awhile since I posted some CVS deals – I kinda took a little break. . . and now I’m regretting it because I missed out on the amazing diaper deals 2 weeks ago.  But, we all know they’ll be back, so I’ll just have to bear buying regular diapers at regular prices with coupons at Wal-Mart for a while.  (Can you hear my sighs!) 

On a good note, though – here’s the deals I struck last night! 🙂  It was a lot of fun, and I love watching the cashiers go – WOW!  How do you do this? 🙂  I have chosen to keep my favorite CVS store a secret (because I know you guys – you will all come get the deals while I’m reading the paper or something!)  But, one thing that’s really helped me only have to go to one CVS is to find out when they restock their shelves.  My particular store is on Thursday mornings, so I try to go during Chris’ lunch break – or after he gets off work.  And EVERYTHING I need is there – I haven’t missed anything yet! 🙂

Here’s a picture of what I got: sorry the pitures a little fuzzy – I had to use my husband’s camera phone for it!

Here’s the breakdown!

Transaction #1:

2 Colgate Totals $2.99 each (2 Coupons -$1.50 each) + $2 ECB for each one

1 Colgate Max Fresh $2.99 (1 coupon -$.50) + $2 ECB for each one

1 Oral B Twin Pack Toothbrushes $6.99  + $6.99 in ECB’s for each set

2 Zooth Hello Kitty Twin Pack Toothbrushes $4.99 each (BOGO free coupon -$4.99) + $2 ECB’s for each set

I used $6.00 in ECB’s on this transaction from last week’s game! 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $13.92

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $16.99  🙂

Transaction #2:

1 Bounty 8 pk Paper Towels $5.49 (Coupon – $.25)

2 Charmin 12 rolls ($5.99 each) (coupon – $.25)

1 Duracell AA 12 pack 6.74 each (coupon – $.75) +$10 in ECB’s from buy $20 in Charmin, Bounty, Duracell, get $10 ECB’s back.

I used my ECB’s from the last transaction! 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $1.13

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $10.00

Transaction #3:

1 Aussie Shampoo $2.99 each + earned $2.00 ECB

8 Soy Joy Bars $1.00 each + earned $1 ECB each

2 ALL Detergent $6.49 each (BOGO FREE – $6.49 – 2 ALL coupons $1.00 each)

I used my $10.00 ECB’s here

TOTAL OOP: $5.48

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $10.00

Transaction #4:

2 CVS Bandages $1.99 each + earned $1.99 ECB’s for each box

1 Oreo cookie box (for my husband who lets me do this crazy stuff!) $1.00

I used only my $2.00 ECB’s here.

TOTAL OOP: $3.13

ECB’s Earned: $3.98

KEY TO IT ALL: I now have $13.98 in ECB’s to use next week, which is more than I started with! 🙂

I also got a few good deals at Walgreens on the milk, nuts, plates, and the mac n cheese – you can read about it here.  So, it was a fun day! 🙂


Chloe and Emma’s Day Out! :)


I guess Rachel and I should be thankful they let us come along! 🙂  There’s this great place downtown right along the Reedy River where the kids can play in the man-made waterfall (although there is a REAL waterfall at the park, as well – yeah, I know, right downtown!  It’s a GREAT tourist spot. . . . and we have a guest bedroom perfect for anyone from West Virginia. . . hint hint! 😉 )  Anyway, there’s also little fountains that randomly shoot up out of the ground around this waterfall – and that’s where the girls played for a while on Friday afternoon.  Afterwards we had a nice picnic – but the food was gone so fast (they were HUNGRY) I didn’t get any pictures of that! 🙂

Here’s Chloe and Emma at one of the fountains!

I guess Emma was a little braver at this point! 🙂

But, Chloe got the hang of the water-thing really fast!

Emma, though, did NOT liked to be splashed!

But then, neither did Chloe!


They both had a great time, though, and I can’t wait to take ’em back! 🙂

A kiss from Chloe.


Here’s our normal routine (you’ll see why I say all this now in a second).  Chloe wants something.  She says “thank you” as she’s grabbing it. . . then says “o-KAY” when she gets it.  Sometimes she says “o-KAY” before she gets it – kinda in faith, I guess, that we will give it to her.  . .

Now watch this video – she really REALLY wanted the camera. . . . don’t worry the jittery camera shot is worth it in the end! 🙂


Chloe loves money.


She really does.  Not the principle that it will get you things. . . which hopefully she won’t necessarily love. . . but the actual money?  Yeah, she loves it!  Chris and I have this box that we drop our change in during the week.  When it fills up, we use it to meet a need of ours at the time.  The first time I saved all my change was when Chris and I were engaged ( I actually started saving in 9th grade (anyone remember my “wedding ring money”?), and I used it to buy his wedding band – which was really nice – and I got exactly what I wanted with some great engraving inside, and the price was just pennies under what i had saved with change for 5 years! 🙂

The second time we filled our box was for our last vacation before Chloe – about a year and a half ago, we went down to be in my best friend, Laura’s wedding, and then to Savannah, GA for the week.  We ended up using the money for gas.  Boring, I know.  But it was nice not to have to budget our vacation savings around the gas!

This time, who knows?  We have no idea what our needs will be when we get this box filled again.  But for now, it’s one of Chloe’s favorite pasttimes – emptying it out, one penny at a time, and putting it back in, one penny at a time.  I’m just thankful she puts it all back! 🙂

This is how I found her when she had been quiet for way too long. . .


Here’s what she did when I started singing the “clean-up” song. . . .




 And this is after she rolled all the coins, took them to the bank, deposited it all, and brought me the receipt of the transaction.  Just kidding. 🙂

Chloe’s Favorite Toy = Daddy’s Favorite Chair


Yes, they are one in the same! Notice how well she can count (“twooooo”) 🙂



Chloe at the Children’s Carnival!


Because of my TLSW (Temproary Social Work License), I’m regularly checking up on  Greenville’s CDS (Child Development Services) site for things that are going on in “my” field of study. . . turns out last week they had a super cool Children’s Carnival!  Of course, I needed to get Chloe out of the house (otherwise she would have just kept eating and destroying things!), so we headed out – she had a BLAST! 🙂  Here’s a few pictures from the night – all of which cost us $6.00! Read the rest of this entry

Make Money on the Internet (and lose weight at the same time!)



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The dilemma:  You’re probably paying anywhere from $9.99-$59.99 a month for the internet, why not let it pay for itself?  Sure, you’ve heard of all the “Get paid to shop online” offers and the “Blog for Bucks” opportunities – but this is one thing that I’ve been doing that really works and is super easy – keeping track of my health!  🙂 Read the rest of this entry