$120 spent at CVS? No Way! Only $18. :)


So, it’s been awhile since I posted some CVS deals – I kinda took a little break. . . and now I’m regretting it because I missed out on the amazing diaper deals 2 weeks ago.  But, we all know they’ll be back, so I’ll just have to bear buying regular diapers at regular prices with coupons at Wal-Mart for a while.  (Can you hear my sighs!) 

On a good note, though – here’s the deals I struck last night! 🙂  It was a lot of fun, and I love watching the cashiers go – WOW!  How do you do this? 🙂  I have chosen to keep my favorite CVS store a secret (because I know you guys – you will all come get the deals while I’m reading the paper or something!)  But, one thing that’s really helped me only have to go to one CVS is to find out when they restock their shelves.  My particular store is on Thursday mornings, so I try to go during Chris’ lunch break – or after he gets off work.  And EVERYTHING I need is there – I haven’t missed anything yet! 🙂

Here’s a picture of what I got: sorry the pitures a little fuzzy – I had to use my husband’s camera phone for it!

Here’s the breakdown!

Transaction #1:

2 Colgate Totals $2.99 each (2 Coupons -$1.50 each) + $2 ECB for each one

1 Colgate Max Fresh $2.99 (1 coupon -$.50) + $2 ECB for each one

1 Oral B Twin Pack Toothbrushes $6.99  + $6.99 in ECB’s for each set

2 Zooth Hello Kitty Twin Pack Toothbrushes $4.99 each (BOGO free coupon -$4.99) + $2 ECB’s for each set

I used $6.00 in ECB’s on this transaction from last week’s game! 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $13.92

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $16.99  🙂

Transaction #2:

1 Bounty 8 pk Paper Towels $5.49 (Coupon – $.25)

2 Charmin 12 rolls ($5.99 each) (coupon – $.25)

1 Duracell AA 12 pack 6.74 each (coupon – $.75) +$10 in ECB’s from buy $20 in Charmin, Bounty, Duracell, get $10 ECB’s back.

I used my ECB’s from the last transaction! 🙂

TOTAL OOP: $1.13

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $10.00

Transaction #3:

1 Aussie Shampoo $2.99 each + earned $2.00 ECB

8 Soy Joy Bars $1.00 each + earned $1 ECB each

2 ALL Detergent $6.49 each (BOGO FREE – $6.49 – 2 ALL coupons $1.00 each)

I used my $10.00 ECB’s here

TOTAL OOP: $5.48

TOTAL ECB’s Earned: $10.00

Transaction #4:

2 CVS Bandages $1.99 each + earned $1.99 ECB’s for each box

1 Oreo cookie box (for my husband who lets me do this crazy stuff!) $1.00

I used only my $2.00 ECB’s here.

TOTAL OOP: $3.13

ECB’s Earned: $3.98

KEY TO IT ALL: I now have $13.98 in ECB’s to use next week, which is more than I started with! 🙂

I also got a few good deals at Walgreens on the milk, nuts, plates, and the mac n cheese – you can read about it here.  So, it was a fun day! 🙂


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I am a sinner, miraculously saved by grace, living by faith, and pressing toward the mark of being more like Christ. I absolutely love being a stay-at-home mom! I'm also a caterer for a few weddings throughout the year, a baker, and a party planner. And I love to play in other people's kitchens as well as my own! My husband, Chris, just finished his studies for his MA degree in Pastoral Studies. He's a wonderful (and super smart!) daddy - and the most loving and supportive husband. My two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Kami, are the joys of our lives! We pray that they both would be greatly used of the Lord. Throughout their short time here on earth, we have learned so much about ourselves, our God, and the gratefulness we have towards our own parents, who raised us in the ways of God's Word. Our third unborn child is a blessing as well - even after its recent pre-diagnosis of Trisomy 18, or Edwards Syndrome. This blog has kinda turned into a little journal of sorts of our dark journey down this rather uncommon road. I stay busy cooking, cleaning, gardening, and raising the plants I killed back to life, and homeschooling. I blog when get the chance. :) We are always happy to have visitors, so please stop by anytime! Although, if you do give us a call first, we'll make sure to have some fresh cookies and sweet tea available when you arrive!

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  1. We must not be going to the same CVS. 🙂 The one I normally frequent is almost always out of stock! So much that I have stopped trying to do scenarios before I go! The manager is really nice though. We were talking and he said they’ve been having a hard time keeping up with some things because they don’t know about what coupons are going to be in the paper when they place their orders, so they’ve been getting hit pretty hard when there are ECBs and good coupons for the same product.

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