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Just a little shout out for my friend’s new blog!


Especially if you live in the Greenville area, you should check out my friend’s new blog –  There’s lots of really neat deals that are mostly specific to our neck of the woods, but some of the deals may be available elsewhere (like the world wide web ones!).

Of course, you’ll never see pictures of our adorable little bug over there, so you’ll have to still check here often for that! 🙂


Pumpkin Crazies


Chloe and I took Chris to our favorite little pumpkin patch in Moore, SC this weekend.  Although the weather was cloudy, we still had a great time and got a few good shots! 🙂

Painting the House


We chose a nice thin paint that is easily washable and blends in nicely with the color of our house already (i.e. WATER!).  Chloe had a lot of fun, but soon decided that painting the porch was a little more fun.

Busy, but Happy!


Here’s what we’ve been up to these last few days – to catch you all up!  Chloe’s little best friend, Emma, has an adorable little stroller for dolls, but you’ll see what they thought it was for.  We went to Fall For Greenville, an awesome festival with lots and lots of awesome food! 🙂  We all had a great time!  Then, Emma had a birthday party, which was a BLAST – you’ll have to check out the cupcakes her mom made!  Then Chloe had a birthday – her party’s coming – as soon as I get a giant Pablo costume done – and today we “painted” the house – with water!

Chloe prays for her grandparents


Chloe’s been learning how to pray for other people in our family besides just us.  Here’s a little video clip of it. . . . well. . .along with a shot of her and her new dance moves. . . .and playing with Jack (our in-law’s dog that we’re keeping for a while). . . and her breakfast. . . so, if you have four minutes, enjoy! 🙂


The Bravest Man I Know



Guest Post, written by my husband. . . thanks, Babe!

Every now and then, we get caught off guard by inexplicable emotions. A deep feeling that is much more than joy or sadness – it’s a bit of each, actually. A feeling that has a sense of urgency, though you feel no rush. A feeling of restlessness and longing, but also a sense of peace, too. This is the feeling that’s been sitting deep within me for the past several days – because my hero is leaving.

My hero is the bravest man I know. He’s funny, charismatic, has a million-dollar smile. Every time you say good-bye after having spent time with him, you’ve left him a better person than when you came. Nobody loves their wife or children more than him. He’s moral, full of integrity, and and just plain all-around-cool. The true irony of Cpt. Tim Crawley, Battalion Chaplain in the US Army, is this: he’s not allowed to carry a weapon, but his hands are registered as weapons . . . yeah, he’s a third degree black belt. And that’s just the beginning.

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SUPER CHEAP (or free!) food at Publix this week!


  • Publix large eggs are $1.29, use with this $1/1 Food Lion coupon, and get them for $.29 each! 🙂 

          BTW, I bought 4 dozen eggs today, and don’t worry – the ones I got don’t expire until November 8th! 


    • Muir Glen organic diced tomatoes ($1.39-1.59 per can) can be used with this or this coupon for $1/1 (you can print each coupon twice for a total of four), and you can use them with two of the $1/2 coupons in the Greenwise Publication (in the front of Publix stores) for a total of $.36 for all four, or $.09 each! 🙂


    • For a cheap dinner, purchase a rotisserie chicken (already cooked – the whole thing!) for $7.09 from the Publix deli.  Use this $2/$5 deli purchase Food Lion coupon to get it for $5.09.  How many meals can you get out of one chicken?


    • Need a side item for that chicken dinner?  Try some of the Knorr sides plus veggies that are on sale buy one, get one free which means they’re $1.53 for two!  Go here and print off this $.60/1 coupon (just search through the pages until you find them – mine was on page 6 – and you can go back and print at least one more) to make them $0.33 for two, or less than $0.17 each!!


    • Want a way to use some of that chicken?  Make a pizza!  You can get Pillsbury Pizza Crust (in the refrigerated section) for $1.67.  Use this coupon for $1/1 (you can print two by going back on your browser and printing again) and get two for $1.34, or just one for $0.67


    • Then, if you printed the eggs coupon from above (this one!) you might as well $5 worth of fruit and veggies, ’cause you’ll have a $2/$5 purchase coupon! 🙂
    • Oh, and don’t forget that you can print these coupons from Food Lion to get $1 off any Gerber Baby Food and $1.50 off any Food Lion Wipes or Diapers.  Use them on the Gerber Baby Food at Publix ($0.55) and the travel pack of 12 wipes ($0.99) and you’ll make almost $1 in overage on each transaction to use towards something you don’t have coupons for.  Have fun! 🙂

    These are just some of the deals that I’m doing later this afternoon at Publix – many thanks to Sarah – check out her blog for even more Publix deals with coupon matchups!  Happy Savings! 🙂