Monthly Archives: November 2008

$10 in free Pillsbury Coupons!



Click here to get a free coupon booklet mailed to you from Pillsbury – it includes $10 in coupons! 🙂


Where have we been?


Well, to Virginia and back for one thing, and really busy with other things for another!  However, I have been able to get all my coupons clipped (I was several inserts behind, and tired of missing out on all the deals!!), and Chloe wanted to help. 🙂


She just loves playing with the extra paper after I’ve clipped all the coupons out – don’t you wish they would just come prepackaged in a little box already cut out for you?  That would be nice, but then, what would Chloe play with? 🙂




Then I scored an amazing deal on some bread – like 32 loaves of white and wheat bread (Nature’s Own!) for $3.00!  There were also lots of dinner rolls in the mix, and while I was finding places in my freezer for all of that bread, here’s what Chloe got into. . .