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Go Wood County!


So, in order to take a little break from potty training, we took Chloe to the HS invitational basketball tournament at BJ last night to watch our Wood County guys play.  They were awesome!  The score was almost silly – something like 65 to 28 or something. . . .they were all happy to see that, and Chloe just had a blast playing with Mr. John and Dave!  Here’s a few pics from the night! 🙂  (We’re going back tonight, so I’ll make sure we have some better pictures of all our Wood County friends.)

Oh – and Happy 30th Birthday, Tim, and Happy 17th Birthday Julie! 


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Have fun on your date nights – and don’t forget to go before the end of the month!

Building Faithful Families Christmas Party!


So, this is a little out of order, but I just got all these pictures in. . . these were all from our SS class’s Christmas Party!  We had a progressive dinner – which was AWESOME for me since I was pregnant – no diets here! 🙂

Three Kings Day


Now, if you aren’t spanish, you might not be familiar with this awesome holiday!  It fell on January 6th this year – and it’s a celebration of the wiseman coming to bring gifts to Baby Jesus.  In Spanish cultures, this is the actual day that kids open their gifts – not on Christmas Day.  In fact, there are parades with real camels, and men dressed up like wisemen from the East.  The coolest thing is that, instead of Santa Claus, you can give your child’s gifts to one of these wisemen, and during the parade (where most people watch from their apartment windows), the wisemen will climb ladders up to your window and deliver your gifts – super cool! 🙂

So, our good friends here in Greenville invited us over for the festivities (Rachel grew up as a missionary kid in Spain), and we had a great time!  Here’s a few pictures from the night.


Chloe and Emma were making “Queen” crowns (although, Chloe kept calling herself a King. . .)


Nice smile, Dad. 🙂  Here was the GIANT 3 Kings Cake – one of the big parts of the tradition.


And here’s the cake again – it was really big for us 6 people!  It was kind of like a sweet bread with dried fruit baked into the top of it.  Inside was hidden a little king and a bean.  If you got the King, you’d have good luck all year; if you got the bean, you’d have bad luck all year.  All of us just got little naked babies.  Not sure what that meant. 🙂


Chloe couldn’t wait – of course.  The stuff in the mugs is hot chocolate from Spain – it was kinda like chocolate pudding that you could dip your cake in. Yummy! 🙂


Chloe dug it.  She’s all about visiting Spain now.


The night ended with the girls watching “Dora saves Three Kings Day” on Nick Jr.  Obviously these little “queens” were quite enthralled with the whole idea.

Chloe’s 1st Haircut!


Yeah, you heard me right – I know she’s almost 27 months old, but we just couldn’t part with her curls any sooner!  And even then, the hair stylist saw my forming tears, and only cut about 1/4 of an inch off! 🙂  And, she still has curls – they’re just a little more even now. 🙂 

We took her to Jelly Beans – a great kids place that only charged a penny for her first haircut!  They had great little chairs for the kids to sit in – Chloe got a yellow car – and they had lots of balloons and jelly beans to keep them distracted from the task at hand.


A girl after her daddy’s heart – in the full waiting room of toys, she wanted to play the LeapFrog video games. 🙂


Chloe was upset that the horn didn’t really beep.  She did keep trying, though.


Obviously, the balloons and jelly beans weren’t exactly working out to her favor completely, BUT she cheered up as soon as she got her “First Haircut Certificate”.  (I think she just wanted to go back to the video games. . . )

Merry Christmas!


We spent the morning together opening gifts – and re-reading the Christmas story that didn’t go so well the night before.  We started at 9 AM, and didn’t finish until about 11:30 – Chloe was a little slow. 🙂  Then, I cooked all the side dishes for Christmas dinner, and we headed over to Chris’ parent’s house for dinner, where we were joined by his Aunt Kathy from Williamsburg, VA.  I didn’t have my camera with me then, but as soon as I get some pictures, I”ll put those up! 🙂  For now, though, here’s our Christmas  morning at home – our last as a family of three! 🙂



Christmas morning – Chloe’s favorite gift is right in front – that Dora Backpack. 🙂  I can’t say enough how blessed we were this year – we are so thankful for all that God has provided for us this past year – and we can’t WAIT to get our new blessing in March. . . more on that later though! 🙂


Listening to the Christmas Story. . . while drinking her traditional special Christmas Strawberry Milk.


Probably the easiest time I’ll ever have holding both my girls at the same time. 🙂


Her Dora backpack was filled with goodies – a new toothbrush, toothpaste, jelly beans, a few Backyardigans bath toys, and some jewelry.  She was pretty excited about it! 🙂


More backpack goodies. . . 


Her new bow. 


Reading her new Nemo book – it’s so nice for ME to have new books to read to her! 🙂

When life gives you lemons. . .


eat them! Here’s some photos from Christmas Eve – we spent the day taking some goodies to friends, then we went out to an early dinner at Olive Garden. Here’s a few pics from the day and a short video – just so you know – in the video, Chloe is (trying to) say “yum, yum, yum! delicioso!” 🙂


Chloe’s knocking on Olive Garden’s Door – so polite, you know. 🙂


A great smile for Mommy!


Oh. bless the hearts of all the wonderful restaurant owners who think kids should have crayons and coloring sheets while they wait.


Well, I go to Olive Garden for the breadsticks and salad – Chloe goes for the breadsticks and lemons.


“Yeah, mom, I’ll just take these – you enjoy your lasagna.”


Chloe’s first Christmas gift from this year.


She was soooo tired after our long day, that she didn’t really care too much about opening any gifts.  Guess this’ll change after a year or two. 🙂


She really did like her new Christmas Story Book, and the accompanying paper doll set, but she was really tired.  So, we just read the story again the next morning. 🙂  Honestly?  This was kind of a repeat of last year.  Maybe falling asleep during the Christmas Story will the the tradition of our family for awhile. 🙂