Monthly Archives: March 2009

Snowing in Greenville.


Never thought it would happen.  It’s  funny how emotional people around here get about snow. ( consistently reported 2-4 inches, but local news and gossip chattered about “5-8 inches”!!)  And here I was thinking that everyone was making a big deal out of nothing.

Until Sunday night.  When, after 2 inches of snow, our power was out and EVERYTHING was closed – Chris drove to 6 different fast food places before he could find some food for our neighbors and us!  Then I realized – people here aren’t necessarily super-thrilled about seeing the white stuff (with the exception of my mom), they’re just a little more experienced in the ways (or lack therof) that southern transportation systems handle snow.  On our way back from church (it had only been snowing 1 hour), in a one mile stretch of a 5 lane road, there were 17 cars with their hazard lights on (usually in a very precarious, stuck position somewhere), and 5 accidents.  Lanes hadn’t even been cleared on the interstate!!

So, I stand here now, after 20 hours without power, a little more educated.  I won’t give you southerners a hard time about all your excitement again.  It was rather selfish of me to do so in the first place (I really kinda was trying to zap all your excitement, after all, I guess!).  Instead, I’ll make sure we have better flashlights, and a clean house, and LOTS of candles.  And, when everyone is home from work and classes are cancelled, we’ll all just have a great time in the snow.  🙂  And. . . I won’t ever complain about my heating bill again.