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Plan A vs. Plan B


Nine months ago Cindy Quatt, the president of our Ladies’ Fellowship Group at church, asked me to speak for 15 minutes at the May Picnic.  Needless to say, I’ve been nervous for NINE months!  (Thanks, Cindy!)  Not a week has gone by that I haven’t thought “What on earth could I possibly have to say to these ladies, many of whom have become some of my spiritual ‘idols’ in the last year and a half?”  Then I think, “What on earth could I possibly say in only 15 minutes?” 🙂  Lately, though, I’ve been thinking lots about how to handle interruptions to my day.  I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that my day IS interruptions, and doing things that need to be done are the actual ‘interruptions”!! 🙂

Seriously, though, I’ve realized that the more ‘interruptions’ I have in a day, the more frustrated and irritable and impatient I become.  And with 2 kids under 2 1/2, how do you not have interruptions, right?  (Special Note: SUPER shout out to all those moms out there who have more than 2 kids – and who can handle the interruptions that grow exponentially with each kid!!)  Sometimes I wonder – “Why did Chloe become so much more of a handful after Kami was born?” 

Case in point – today, she managed to dump a whole box of cornstarch in her bedroom.  While I was cleaning it up, she managed to wake up my colicky baby.  While getting her put back to sleep (which took almost an hour and an extra ‘off-schedule’ feeding), Chloe dumped ANOTHER box of cornstarch in a different room.  While taking her to the bathroom to get a bath (by this time her hair looked like someone had spraypainted it gray as part of a costume for the character Martha in Arsenic and Old Lace; and her face looked like something out of an old horror film about ghosts!!), she decided to make cornstarch handprints all over one of Chris’ favorite tops of mine that I had just washed and dried – just so I could wear it for him when he got home tonight.  Pretty sure by this time, I’m not feeling remotely romantic.

So, my mind went back to Mark chapter 1 – in vs. 35, we read that “in the early morning, while it was still dark, [Christ] arose and went out and departed to a lonely place, and was praying there.”  This was His plan for the day. . . to spend time with his dear Heavenly Father before He attempted anything else. The day before He had done many miracles from healing illnesses to casting out demons.  But now was His time of solitude and quietness – to do what He had planned to do.  However, He was interrupted.  Here comes Simon Peter – who, I think, Chloe will be able to relate to really well one day – who says, “Everyone is looking for you!” (vs. 37).  Boy do I feel like everyone is looking for me – or needing me.  Not even needing me, but needing more milk, or more cookies, or more oranges, or a clean diaper (boy do we need lots of those around here!), or a sheet washed, or a paci stuck back in a mouth . . . .

Here I am, just wanting to sew a dress for Chloe for this wedding coming up, just wanting to make some rehearsal dinner invitations for me sister (why did I volunteer for that again?),  just wanting to make the house clean for my husband who doesn’t get home until after 9:00 on Mondays, and really needs a calming, relaxing place to sit down after his long day of work and classes.  This was MY plan.  And yet, I attempted it without spending time with my Lord this morning.  And, when my plan was obviously thwarted by the One who is in complete control of all things (including the two boxes of cornstarch), I reacted by frantically looking for my phone to call my husband and give him a ‘talking to’ about leaving cornstarch in Chloe’s reach, then running to email him instead, then just crying my eyeballs out and begging Chloe to just “be good and act like a 6 year old for a little while, instead of a 2 year old.”  (Yes, I really did say that to her.  She just stared at me, then grabbed my nose and said, “honk! honk!”). 

But then, how did Christ respond to Peter who interrupted His time with the Lord, His plan for the morning?  He calmly (a seeming rarity in my world these days!) and confidently told him what would happen for the rest of the day.  He had gotten His orders from His Father, and that was what He was going to do.

I’m starting to learn that at the beginning of my day, I NEED to spend time with God.  It isn’t just a duty that Christians should do, or something that would be nice to do, but rather, it’s a genuine NEED. I have to give everything about my day to the Lord.  I need to approach Him with my plan.  However, I have to be willing to do Plan B – which is what God might have for me that day. 

Pastor Ray Ortlund said this, “I’ve found that if I pray over my interruptions and get them squarely under God’s sovereign control, they don’t irritate me.  I realize that they are part of God’s plan.”  And I sure could be less irritated.

So, all of this to say, I’m thinking that the Lord is giving me something to talk about with these ladies.  And cornstarch does vaccuum up well, and sheets do wash well, and shirts wash well, and my daughters are both still alive and fed today, (and Chloe and I even had an Easter Egg Hunt, and I finished sewing the sleeves into her dress – it really wasn’t that unprofitable of a day, now that I think about it!).  Most importantly, though, I’ve learned the importance of dedicating my day – and my plans – to the Lord first thing.  And to be expecting-ly optimistic about the interruptions that may WILL come up. 🙂


Baby Kami’s first photo shoot with Aunt Beca


And it wasn’t even set up really – little miss Aunt Beca just got excited about Kami sitting on a leather couch and picked up her camera – I tell you, my sister’s got a talent – and I LOVE taking advantage of it!  I did tell her she had to put her camera down otherwise I’d have to pay her. . . ha ha! 🙂  I think she’ll be getting a super special wedding gift now, though – she saved me a trip to get her newborn photos taken somewhere else! 🙂

For my mom. . .


. . .without whom, I think my girls would be almost naked. 🙂  Thanks for all the beautiful clothes, mom – the girls look great with them on!  So, here’s the ‘almost’ first smile I was able to catch of Kami on camera – all for you!


Kami's first (almost!) smile

There’s kind of a upward turn on those lips, right? 🙂


We all LOVE this outfit, Mom!


Kami's rattle

My mom makes these rattles for almost every baby she knows of.  She’s been making them for years!  I think by now she just holds the yarn and it forms into the cute toy itself. 🙂

Best Sisters - 2nd generation. :)

Let’s go for a walk! :)


So, Kami and Chloe went for a walk together (don’t worry – I wasn’t far behind!).  Chloe’s gotten really good at pushing her teddy bears and dolls in strollers, so she was ready for the big test – pushing her baby sister!  She did a great job!

Chloe and Kami


I hope these two grow up to be best friends . . .they’re certainly on the right track at this point! 🙂  Chloe LOVES holding Kami, and she does a great job!  The only issues we’ve had with her is that she took the pacifier out of Kami’s mouth last night on the way to church.  Kami screamed!  I guess that was their first fight. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of these two little sisters . . . I’m sure there will be many more to come!

Our first day at church together!


Sunday was our first day together at church, and I just had to dress the girls up to match . . . or at least coordinate!  It’s not too hard – especially if they wear pink – that color makes up 85 % of both of their wardrobes! 

We ended up having all boys in our class Sunday, so they played some fun games together, and ate ALL the food without any problems. . . and they weren’t bad singers either!  There’s a few pictures of them in here too.

And. . .the Wiggle Worm, Take 2


As in the second time we tried video taping it. 🙂  She’s getting a lot better at pronouncing her words, but just in case you need a little deciphering. . . here they are. . . .

Have you seen a wiggle worm?

Smaller than a tiny germ!

He has got a great big appetite!

Though he isn’t very big,

He eats more than any pig!

Always looking for someone to bite.

Never wiggle, wiggle, wiggle,

Never giggle, giggle, giggle.

Better squash the wiggle worm, when you feel the urge to squirm.

In your church on Sunday,

In your school on Monday,

Fight off the wiggle worm!

I was in my Sunday seat, Sittin’ still and bein’ sweet.

When I saw him crawlin’ on my shoe!  I said, “Wiggle worm! Don’t bother me!  We’ll have a catastrophe!

Then I kicked him out of Sunday School!