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Or..really, it’s just a long day at the beach with my Bestest friend ever.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, too!



Ballerina Birthday Party – Step 2


If you haven’t been invited to the Ballerina party yet, go check out the invitations here.

Once you’ve seen those….welcome to the party! 🙂 I had so much fun with this one. A couple of things i’ve learned. Tulle and elastic are my friends; and 3 year old finger foods are a piece of cake to prepare. The only thing I cooked the day of the party was the Mac n Cheese – and even that was prepared the night before and just baked off in the oven. I love to cook, but when you can easily cook…why, that’s even better!

The Menu:

Gingerbread Strawberry Cream Cookie Tarts <—- I was inspired by this cute little recipe!

Make-your-own Cracker Sandwiches

Salted Coconut Oil Popcorn <—— Here’s the printables for the super cute little boxes!

Carrots with Homemade Ranch <— my little ballerina’s favorite “begetable snack”

Pink Marshmallow Lollipops (Thanks, Mom!)

Pigs in a Blanket – made by her super sweet 5 year old sister!

Red Apples with Strawberry Cream

Homemade Mac n Cheese <——- the birthday girl’s all time favorite meal ever.

Angelina Ballerina’s Pink Rose Cake

The Favors:

Yay for my Cricut! I made little Ballerina paper dolls for each little girl to take home. (Along with their own tutus they all got in their invitations. Each ballerina came with three different colored tutus. Little velcro circles (bought at Walmart!) made the outfits easy to take off and stick on – especially for the chubby little 2 and 3 year old fingers.

The Decorations:

The table cloths on all the tables was some discount pink fabric I got for $1.50/yard. The pink tulle was $.59/yard and the elastic was $.39/yard. What can I say? I’m cheap. 🙂 I sewed the pink tulle onto the elastic to fit around the bottom edge of the dining room table – which made a little “tutu tableskirt” – it was super cute. And super easy!

Each of the girls tables were small tables I pulled from our school room (and a friend’s house!). I used my grandmother’s china. And my starbucks glasses. 🙂 (At this point, those things are a tradition for every party at our house….)

And balloons. I love balloons. My girls love balloons. And again, they’re super cheap. BTW – interesting note. Did you know that Walmart will fill your balloons for a quarter a piece? If you buy them in their store – which they’re only $1 for a pack of 12. Head on back with your balloons to the bakery section and they’ll get you all set. (Just call ahead to check first!) I’m actually not a huge Walmart shopper. But I’ll go anywhere for helium balloons. 🙂

The Games:

Find Angelina’s Lucky Penny (in the sand box)

A Ballerina Class (with a (free!) library Ballerina DVD)

And just because this post doesn’t have enough photos yet…how about one of the birthday girl?!

“I don’t wuv you, Mommy.”


Chloe gasps. I’m taken aback a little.

Did my sweet little 3 year old just say that to me?

We had been riding in the car – at lunch hour – on Haywood Road. Those of you who are local to me know that that isn’t an easy place to be, ever. Let alone lunch time. Kami had asked for “Muppet Music” – their latest movie soundtrack fascination. I had asked her to wait until I could get to a safe place to find it on my phone. (ie, the next red light.)

Then she yelled, “Mommy! TURN ON THE MUPPET MUSIC NOW!”

That kinda shocked me.  She hasn’t really done that before. But then, she did just turn three a few weeks ago.

The ever knowledgable big sister said to her, “Kami, love is patient and kind. You are not being kind to  Mommy.”

I said, “That’s right Kami, if you want something, and Mommy says “wait”, you need to wait patiently and kindly for it. Because you love Mommy, right?”

She did her signature eye squint and said, “No, I don’t wuv you, Mommy.”

And Chloe gasped.

I said, “Well, I love you, Kami.”

She said, “I don’t wuv you, Mommy. So I will not be patient and kind.”

Chloe gasped again. What blasphemy!, she must be thinking.

Smarty pants, I was thinking.

I said, (thank you, Lord!), “Well, Kami, that’s ok. Because one time I didn’t love Jesus even though He kept doing a lot of good things for me.”

Chloe gasped yet again. My sister AND my mommy have gone off the deep end!

I continued, “But He still loved me. So I will keep loving you. I love you Kami.”

Kami just squinted at me.

Huh. I didn’t think that would happen for another 10 years or so. I don’t think any mother is ever quite ready to hear such words. (My 5 year old certainly wasn’t!)

I’m just thankful for this small opportunity to get a little tiny picture of what God’s love is for me. And I’ve done a lot worse than just unkindly yell for a song on my iPhone.

About two hours later – after some more fun in the car, a trip to the post office, lunch, and now in bed for a nap, I go to tuck her in. She said to me,

“Mommy, I wuv you now. I will be patient and kind with you. Jesus will help me wuv you and be patient and kind now. I wuv you, Mommy.”

Dear God,

Thank you for this small glimpse into your unconditional love for me. Help me to love others unconditionally. Like you’ve always loved me. And please remind me daily…hourly of one of the most important commands I have as a parent:

” The LORD our God, the LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children.”

Deuteronomy 6

Ballerina Birthday Party – Step 1


I just love parties. And I’ve been a little absent on here lately – just because you all know I put my family (and my sleep!) first. But hopefully these next few posts will make up for that. Just a bit. 🙂

My youngest little angel girl’s birthday party was Easter weekend – and we had a blast! She told me she wanted a “pink” party and a “ballerina” party. So, that was easy to handle.

For the invitations, I totally pinterested this one. (I love making up new words! I see this one totally catching on like wildfire. Wait for it.)  Here’s how it turned out!

And each girl not only got the ballerina invitation, but she also got an adorable little tutu to wear to the party – courtesy of Halo Heaven. I ended up getting these for $0.60 each shipped right after Christmas – they made GREAT little additions to the invitation “gifts” each girl got. And apparently, almost every little ballerina wore hers to bed almost every little night before the party.


After we sent these invitations out, we had her actual birthday “day” – which is also a big deal in our house. We took her to Dollywood for the day (yay for Season Passes!) and had a great time. Next post? How to do “the best birfday ever!!” in a hotel.

And the Starbucks cupcake lives on…


One of my readers, Cecily, sent me some photos of these awesome cupcakes she made – in the Frappacino cup! What an awesome idea! I just had to share. I love having such creative readers! She entered them in a cupcake contest and ended up winning 2nd place! Congratulations, Cecily!

Here you can see all the entries – Cecily not only made the Starbucks Frappacino Cupcakes, but also the cute Orange Crush ones. Maybe she’ll share the recipe with us all someday. 🙂

And here she is with her little helper and cousin. Julie, in their 2nd place winner photo! What a gorgeous happy smile!

NOTE: If you’d like me to feature your latest starbucks cupcake endeavors, I’d love to see them! I know several of you have been working hard on them! Make sure you send a photo of yourself with the cupcakes if you’re up for it! Send them to krackley220 at gmail dot com (no spaces!) and I’ll be sure to feature them in the next few weeks here on kimzkitchen!