April Fool’s Day Lookback





Summer 2007


My daughter had a few of her jokes published today. Seriously. This is not a joke. They’re good folks. Like, knock knock jokes to make you laugh so hard the cows on the moon would hear you.

It released today. Go buy one.

In honor of such things as published child authors, I give you a post about our April Fool’s Day history.

So this guy of mine – he is a treasure to me. My personality, being mostly extroverted, sometimes introverted, always easily persuaded by humor, and always having a knack for the dramatic, needed a personality like his, one who is easily able to make humor out of everything, honest, and extremely (sometimes irritatingly) down-to-earth.

Our relationship began as a series of April Fool’s type jokes –

I wrote him a “love poem” about the how his eyebrows deepened my appreciation for tweezers.

He sent me a beautiful card with flowers on the front and said on the inside, “These are the flowers I *won’t* be getting you for your birthday. Because in your presence, they would surely die.”

I mailed a giant blue beach ball across the country to him at a camp where he was working – with a long fairy tale written on it. This was back in the pre-9/11 days when you could mail absolutely ANYTHING in the mail. So a giant blue beach ball it was. The guy at the post office slapped my $2.19 postage on the ball and tossed it to the guy behind him – with a smile on his face, he said, “Oh, this will be fun all the way to Colorado.”

The fairy tale ended with, “Wait! Why am I making up a new fairy tale here – there’s already one that perfectly describes us. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!”

HAHAHAHHA! I still crack myself up everytime I tell that story.


Fall 2007






















I mean really – how many people read that fairy tale between here and Colorado?! I know it was read to all of the campers at camp during dinner one night.

(I’m still laughing right now. While I’m typing this.)

I didn’t get the last laugh though. He sent me a card a little later that said, “Sweetheart, if anyone ever calls you a beast again, they’ll have me to answer to.”

This went on and on – with giant photos of crazy looking monkeys, a totally fake sappy proposal in front of all my girl friends in college, huge bouquets of lillies on my dorm room bed (that I was allergic to)…

Obviously, the dynamics changed *a tad* and we ended up madly in love – and still are.

Fall 2012

But I couldn’t let a day go by without recalling, briefly, the best joke I played on him – at least, on an actual April Fool’s Day.

He was looking for his first job out of college. It had been a tough nerve wracking search that had lasted around three weeks. (But at the time, it had seemed like forever!)

I was borrowing his cell phone, so I had a friend call and leave a message for him –

“Hello, Mr. Rackley. This is Mr. Bear. We received your application, and we’d love to talk to you. You seem like just the person we’ve been looking for. If you could call us back at (xxx)xxx-xxxx before the close of the day, we can get an interview scheduled later this week. When you call, as for Mr. Bear. Thanks again – we look forward to talking with you!”

I was with him when he called back… .”Hello, uh, is Mr. Bear available? Yeah, Mr. Bear. I was told to call Mr. Bear…”

Hee hee hee.

He had called the Greenville Zoo.

*Now I’m really laughing again. He called the Zoo and ASKED FOR MR. BEAR!!!!!* 

With that, enjoy your day.

(We also love pies. Or I do. At least when they’re in someone else’s face.)


Summer 2013


May your pranks be fun, safe, and full of love.

(And my paybacks be equally fun, safe, and full of love. Dear Husband.)





PS – the girls got in on the fun today – and colored all over his car when he stopped in for a quick lunch break. They were window markers. We didn’t tell him.



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  1. Sounds like the two of you are a perfect match. I always knew Chris would have to find that special girl, that could give it right back to him. Obviously you fill that job very well. Thanks for sharing and making me smile today:)

  2. Heehee… love this. And love the memory of the big blue ball… with its tale of poisoned apple, Rumplestiltzkin, and all… from Princess Kim. =)

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