The Sweet Tea Lovin', Back yard chicken, Mason Jar Drinkin' southern girls' guide to living in the inner city.


Here it is! My journey from sweet tea lovin’, mason jar drinkin’, backyard chicken Southern girl to inner city Philly. (Ya’ll! There’s someone on the other side of my wall!)

I’m joining in the #write31days challenge hosted by Myquillin Smith, aka the Nester. Everyday this month of October, I’ll capture a bit more of my journey and hopefully on the other side, I’ll still love sweet tea… and my neighbors. Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll still love them. After Chloe’s evening renditions of the Orange Blossom Special though….I’m not sure how mutual the feeling will be.

So here it is. Check back often this month ’cause I’ll link up here on this page each day. Or you can go here and find the latest post. Happy October to ya! I’ll see ya’ll again tomorrow!!




Day 1: New Things are Terrifying

Day 2: Dishes or Dinner

Day 3: Town Mouse Country Mouse

Day 4: Nighttime in Philadelphia

Day 5: Before the Mountains Were Born

Day 6: The Country Girls – who’ve gone to the city – go back to the country

Day 7: Siri, the Relocation Assistant {not so much}

Day 8: Hope in the dark.

Day 9: Walks to the Mailbox

Day 10: Free Fun Friday

Day 11: Weekend Roundup

Day 12: Day of Rest

Day 13: 5 Tips on Making Friends in Philadelphia

Day 14: Remembering Kyle in Philadelphia

Day 15: Forget Me Not

Day 16: Falling Together

Day 17: Free Fun Friday

Day 18: Weekend Roundup

Day 19: Happy Birthday to My Little Lady

Day 20: Date Night

Day 21: When a Little Sunshine Left Philadelphia

Day 22: Fall Cold Remedies

Day 23: Lunch with Dad Day

Day 24: Free Fun Friday

Day 25: Day of Rest

Day 27: Homeschool Co-op Day

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:


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    • Oh goodness Julie! I’ve only seen a couple pretty changing trees here so far and I’m already feeling the love! I’m excited to see what colors and transformations come out this month – in the landscape and me. 🙂


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  10. Just saw your 31 Days in Philly posts. Missed the Day 20-Date Night…(mixed with Day 21)…missed Days 26, 28, 29, 30, and 31 too! You’re a great blogger!

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