Fall Cold Remedy | Day 22


So as much as we tried to fight it off, it came. The first Philadelphia fall cold. Not bad…just a few little coughs and sniffles here and there.

So, I’m still in my pj’s. And the girls are asleep before 9 PM. And I almost cooked chicken soup for dinner.

However! My favorite cold remedies have worked well for us and I thought I’d share.

First is the apple cider vinegar sniffing.

apple cider vinegar

Well, I heat up a quarter cup or so in a small pot, let it simmer, then breathe in the potent fumes. Breathe slowly. That’s key. Or you might kill more than just the germs. HAHA! Well, not really, but it is pretty powerful stuff – anti inflammatory, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti-everything-cold-virus…It works. Relieves those swollen sinuses and gets you back on your feet in no time. If I’m having a rough stuffed up day, breathing these fumes a few times a day will have me back to 90% by the next day. You could go for all the essential oils people love buying this time of year, or you could get the cheap, ages old remedy. I go for this one. Oh, it also is great for killing ants! And a ton of other things.

My second remedy is a great cough one. And it tastes super yummy. And doesn’t smell as crazy strong as the Apple Cider Vinegar does.

Raw pineapple juice and honey. Who wouldn’t want that?


This worked great on my little Kami who had a pretty nasty cough come up. She had a small glass of this twice in one day and once the next day – and her cough has been completely gone since! She went from super croupy to totally normal. And no tears over this one.

Best of luck to you staying away from the cold this season! But for us, with my husband being on the train every day, it’s pretty inevitable that we’d catch something up here! I’m just happy to have a few natural remedies that work well for us. Maybe they’ll help you too!

What about you? Do you have a favorite natural cold remedy? I’d love to hear it!

When a little sunshine left Philadelphia | Day 21








Sometimes I forget I live in the middle of the fifth largest US city. We took one last trip with my mom this morning before she headed off to the airport back home to the deep (hot!) South. This morning took us to the Morris Arboretum about a half hour from our house. The wildflowers in this part of the country – even in fall – are just breathtaking.

I’m so thankful for my mom. She came up here with her little Southern self and went exploring with us. In fact, it was quite exhausting for us to keep up with her! She helped me organize a few last rooms and closets while she was here. (Which, for those who know me well know that is the biggest gift of all – organizing something for me!) And we ended up getting a couple date nights and lots of fun chats in my native tongue. Southern. 

We’ll miss her alot. A little bit of the sunny in Philadelphia flew away today. Surely, Georgia is a tad brighter with her back home. But hopefully, we’ll catch her again up here soon.



Pennsylvania Treehouse

The people in Pennsylvania know how to build treehouses!!





Morris Arboretum

The giant birdhouse was the biggest hit. I think both girls would have stayed here all day if it hadn’t been for our needing to catch a plane for my mom!

Morris Arboretum

Morris Arboretum

Can I live in this house?


Morris Arboretum


Morris Arboretum

We’ll miss you Mom!


Date night – live blogging | Day 20


So I’m 36 days new to the area – but my mom’s here for the week – so we are going on a date night.

And I thought for tonight’s post, I’d live blog it.

Partly because I’m currently sitting on a train taking me from my twin in the outer city limits 40 minutes into the center city area. And people do stuff on their phones on these trains. A girl’s gotta fit in when she can.

So here we go…


So we stop at his work. Like just to see the lobby.


Then we walk outside. Hello philly nighttime. It’s seriously inspiring.


So we walk to find a restaurant – like something not too pricey. Soup and sandwiches would be good. This place wasn’t it. Too bad. I’m all about good food. But the $95 dry aged ribeye wasn’t on my radar tonight. The tables outside were almost worth the $95 ribeye though.


We walked a bit further. Then found this British place.


And now I’m eating this.




Fish and chips for the man of the house. And I’m settling in nice and cozy like with a vegetarian spinach and mushroom cobbler dish that just seems to be heavenly. With the slightest hints of nutmeg, of course it is.

Being the crazy energy-filled-on-Monday-night people that we are, we seem to have found our favorite date night spot….I’ll update if it really in fact is…

Oh wait!

I think it is!!


This is where we party.

These are the books that make me slap my grandma.


I settled on a favorite for awhile.
Then I always leave it behind for another crazy food loving girl like me.


Then we walk back and I see this. It made me laugh.


One more stop at the workplace. I can’t believe how awesome this place is – just the lobby itself is so cool
on so many levels.


And from here – it’s back on our train for the ride home. Thanks for joining in the fun!



Happy Birthday to my Little Lady | Day 19


Eight years ago, I became a mommy for the first time.

Eight years ago, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Eight years ago, I saw the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

Eight years ago, she almost died.

Eight years ago, my God began becoming big to me.

Eight years ago, (plus 8 days), she survived.

And today, she is just as beautiful and alive as she ever was.

Happy birthday, Little Lady! I love you!




Weekend Roundup | Day 18


I’m celebrating my daughter’s big #8 birthday today. So in order to make enough popcorn for all the people she invited and a cake big enough to feed them all, I’m keeping the writing to minimum today. Enjoy some of these posts from other fellow 31 dayers about Moving, Transition, and Making New Friendships.


Marian’s tips on making friendships in a new place when you have lots of littles.


Then there’s Erin who makes a move in 16 days. The days started on October 1. So now she’s there. Barely. You’ll love this journey!


And for the weekend adventurous, there’s Tabitha, who straight up is going homeless and moving herself, her husband, and her tiny small children to Ethiopia. This. Is. Crazy Awesome.


Ya’ll have a great weekend! Bday pics coming on Monday.




Free Fun Friday | Day 17


So if you want something fun (and super educational and patriotic!)  to do, and you’re up for a little traffic, a lot of people, and maybe a crazy expensive parking tab ($18 for the day), you should head downtown.

I mean, really. What trip to Philadelphia would be complete without a stop to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall where our Declaration of Independence was signed?!


So this is the room. Like, the exact room! And that’s the chair that George Washington sat in. Crazy cool. 


When you go down there, stop in at the Visitor Center and get your timed pass to enter the house. It’s a free ticket, but when you get the timed entry pass, you are able to be guaranteed a 30 minute tour and maybe you’ll get this incredibly smart history buff park ranger who was an great guide.





Inside the Visitor Center, you’ll find some special guests dressed in period costumes with some really neat props. This guy was demonstrating the art of the time – all ink and quill pens. Kami was able to join in on the fun and make 7 bookmarks. She also was super curious about all of his costume accessories. The people were super helpful and patiently answered all of the girls’ questions.




If you’re up for spending a little cash, take a carriage ride. The 30 minute tours are $35 for a whole carriage load (up to 6 people) and hit most of the major historical spots. These people are history experts first, carriage driver second.


Make sure you stop for silly face photos. It’s a must.





It was so fun having my mom, Nana, here with us! She really helped us get around town and navigate the crazy rush hour stuff we ended up in. And she made the Liberty Bell even more beautiful! The girls loved their special assignment of finding out what made the crack in the bell. 


Be ready to walk! While most of the history stuff is in about a square mile downtown, if you want to get to all of it, you’ll walk close to 2 miles at least. I did it all in my favorite Southern style – barefoot. Sorta. 

And lest you think my girls were super perfect about walking all over the city and endless moments of history lessons that they barely understood….here’s what they do too. iPhones and nose picking. But Kami promised “I won’t eat it this time, Mommy.  So, is that fine with you?”


Falling together | Day 16















This blog post is part of a 31 day series called Fall in Philadelphia. If this is your first stop along the way, I am so glad you’re here and I hope today’s post brought you a little warmth and coziness. This journey is best taken from the very beginning as each day’s posts are pretty much *live* as I’m living this journey. All of the blog posts in this series will be linked together on the Fall in Philadelphia landing page. Click here to be taken there. 

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